Company Settings

In the settings section, click Settings in the column on the right hand side to access the company setting. You can manage the following settings:

Alternatively, you can click the Edit button in the Company section on the company overview page (which is the first page that opens when you click Settings on your dashboard).

Property Explanation
Name Company name
Phone number Optional phone number through which you can be reached.
Time zone The time zone the company is in. This is only used to determine if the subscription is still valid.
Page content language This setting lets you configure how language-dependent content should be displayed. Most importantly:
  • time notation (e.g. AM/PM vs. 24-hour)
  • date notation (e.g. names of the days and months)
  • text direction (e.g. right to left in case of, for instance, Hebrew)
On this company level you configure the default language. If needed, you can change this for specific playback devices.
Page read speed This setting lets you control the scroll speed of texts in apps like the News app, RSS app, Calendar app and in tickers. On this company level you configure the default speed. If needed, you can change this for specific playback devices.
When player loses internet connection Configure what you like your players to do when they loose their internet connection. You have two options:
  • wait for it to come back: the player will always clean up every page that it has just played. When a page needs to be played again and the connection is unavailable, it will have to wait for the connection to come back. This option is best suited for devices with little memory and that need the constant cleanup, like many Smart TVs.
  • repeat what has already been played: the player buffers everything that has been played so far. When the internet connection drops, it will continue playing from its buffer. This requires a bit more memory and is therefore only advisable for dedicated playback devices.
Player refresh timeslot By default, the channels are set to restart every morning between 5AM and 6AM (in the player's own time zone). This is done to have a clean start of the day and to reduce the risk of failures when the device runs on continuously. If this is an inconvenient timeslot for you, then you can select a different one here.
Upon schedule transition (Only available for Full and Pro subscriptions) This tells the player what to do when a schedule transition happens, e.g. when a new incidental schedule rule becomes active or a page's limited playback setting expires. The two options are:
  • wait for the current page to finish playing: the player honours the page playback duration and will let the page finish playing before transitioning to the new schedule.
  • transition to the next schedule immediately: the player stops playing the current page and transitions to the next scheduled page immediately.
Default color palette Configure the eight colors that a user will see as default choices in their color pickers.
Allowed IP Addresses (Only available for Pro subscriptions) This let's you setup extra channel security.