Bizplay channels have much in common with regular TV channels. You can "tune in" to one and then view the "programs" that are on. Those "programs" are the playlists that you have added or scheduled in your channel. You can add or remove as many of your own channels as you like: there are no limitation to this.

Depending on your subscription, you do or do not have the option to schedule multiple playlists in a channel. If you don't then the channel only plays the one playlist that you have dragged into it.

Read more about scheduling playlists in a channel in the "Scheduling" section.

Basic Playback

Under the channel you see it's name. To the right you see the name of the first playlist that would play if you started to watch the channel right now. Under that you see the most important piece of information: the channel's playback address. You can watch the channel by simply entering this address into any web browser you like. This is the simplest way to tune in to a channel. A better and more manageable way is through a "registered player", as we'll describe later.


When a channel is playing you'll see it's screen "turn on" (it might be slightly delayed). This gives you a good indication of what channels are currently being watched.

Restart Playback

You also have the option to restart the playback of the channel on all playback devices by clicking the channel and selecting "restart" from the popup menu. All playback devices watching that channel will restart their playback within a minute or two.

Tilted Screens

Playing your content on a vertical (or better: "portrait oriented") screen is becoming more popular. We learned earlier how you can design vertical pages.

Vertical screen

On a playback screen it is easiest if you can set your browser (or Bizplay app) to also display the Bizplay pages vertically. If, however, you cannot set this and are stuck with a horizontal (or better: "landscape") screen orientation, then you can still simply hang the TV sideways and then set your channel to tilt the channel content clockwise or counter clockwise. You can do this by clicking on the channel and selecting the gear icon in the popup menu. In the dialog window that opens, set the "screen tilt" to either "clockwise" or "counter clockwise".

Mirrored Screens

Apart from tilted playback, Bizplay also offers mirrored channel playback, in case you are using a projector to project an image on the back of a screen.