ChromeOS via Chrome device management

ChromeOS devices can be managed remotely from a single dashboard using Google Chrome device management. This requires a Chrome kiosk license per device. If you have not purchased such licenses before, please read the other ChromeOS chapter to see what the options are.

If you decide to roll your own Chrome device management, then read this chapter to find our how to setup your environment so that the Bizplay app gets installed automatically on your ChromeOS devices.

Configuring Device Management

The description that follows is the simplest setup for running the Bizplay app in kiosk mode on ChromeOS devices that are enrolled by an organization that does not already use Chrome Device Management. When Device Management is already in use, it is better to use a more complex setup using user groups and more advanced Device Settings and App Management. This is beyond the scope of this help document.

  1. After purchasing a Chrome subscription from Google and at least one Device Management subscription, you login to Chrome with an administrator account and select the Device Management option on the main dashboard: On Chrome Dashboard select Device Management
  2. Select Chrome management: On Device Management select Chrome Management
  3. Go into App Management: On Chrome Management select App Management
  4. Search for the Bizplay app and select it: In App Management search for the Bizplay app
  5. In the Bizplay app settings first configure the User Settings, select the correct organization from the list and click Save when ready. Configure User Settings of Bizplay app
  6. Next configure the Public Settings: Configure Public Settings of Bizplay app
  7. Finally configure the Kiosk Settings: Configure Kiosk Settings of Bizplay app
  8. Now, go back to Chrome Management and from there go to Device Settings: On Device Management select Device Settings
  9. Use the following settings on the Device Settings page: Device Settings Please note: the user data should not be deleted, please make sure the User data setting (on the Device settings page) is as follows; User data

Configuring A User For Device Management (Optional)

It is useful but not necessary to have a user account that is used specifically to install the Chrome devices. This is used to log into the Chrome device after Ctrl + Alt + E has been pressed. New users are set up using the Users option from the Admin console. If you do not create a new user for this purpose you can use any of the existing users when setting up a ChromeOS device. On Admin Console select Users

Enrolling A ChromeOS Device

If the device has been logged onto even once, you will need to wipe (reset) it first before proceeding. The installation procedure below will not work otherwise.

After configuring device management on Chrome you enroll a pristine ChromeOS device into Chrome as follows:

  1. Connect a keyboard and mouse (or something similar, like a keyboard with integrated touchpad) to the device and turn it on.
  2. Go through the initial settings screens (language and keyboard) but do not log in yet.
  3. At the login screen, press Ctrl + Alt + E.
  4. Log in with the user account you prepared when setting up device management.
  5. If you're prompted to log in with a Kiosk or Enterprise license, you should choose the 👉 Kiosk license (as of late October 2023).
  6. ChromeOS will now update ChromeOS itself and install the Bizplay kiosk app and set everything up as defined in the device management dashboard.
  7. After a few minutes everything should be ready. Turn off the device and turn it back on.
  8. The Bizplay kiosk app will start up and show the registration code. Follow the steps to register your player to finish the Bizplay setup.

We recommend using a wired network connection, whenever possible.

On your Chrome dashboard, you can keep track of the number of enrolled devices and you can zoom in to view the device details: Chrome Management - Device Management

Changing Device Settings Afterwards

Since nearly all settings of a specific ChromeOS device can be set from the Device Management dashboard it is very unlikely that settings need to be changed on the device itself. Should that be necessary it is still possible to do that, do the following:

  1. Turn off the ChromeOS device.
  2. Connect a keyboard and mouse.
  3. Turn it back on.
  4. On the white startup screen it will say Press Ctrl + Alt + S to leave kiosk mode; do this by pressing the Ctrl + Alt + S keys simultaneously. You will now see the normal login screen.
  5. Change any of the settings as needed.
  6. Restart the ChromeOS device.

If you have checked the Permanently keep this device in kiosk mode checkbox on the settings on the device or in the Device Management dashboard it is impossible to interupt the Chromebox from starting up to the Bizplay app with Ctrl + Alt + S. You will need to wipe (reset) the Chromebox before you can access it again.