Background page

When you are designing a page, you can set another page as its background. This has two great advantages:

  1. You can easily create a consistent style across multiple pages.
  2. When you put multiple pages in a playlist that share the same background page, the background page will always stay visible during page transitions. This makes it very well suited to put elements on that need to keep running without interruption across pages, like:
    • a ticker
    • the Streaming Audio app, to play audio seamlessly

Page Transition Constraints
When pages share the same background page, the player will always use the fade transition between these pages. Since the background page needs to stay visible it is not possible to "slide" pages or turn them with a "3D cube" effect.

Background Page Of A Background Page

You can "layer" as many background pages as you like. One convenient application of this is to easily switch a page theme.

For example, say you create an "Acme Company template" background page that you use for many 100 of your pages. If you like to give it a seasonal touch for summer, autumn, winter and spring, then you have three options:

  1. create a new background page each season; this is very inconvenient, since then you would need to change the background page to the new background page on all of your 100 pages
  2. edit the existing background page
  3. use the "background page of a background page" method, by using a blank "Acme Company template" as background of your 100 pages and then selecting the appropriate seasonal template as the background of the blank "Acme Company template" background page