Congratulations! You have decided that you want to extend the communication to your audience via a TV screen. It's now a matter of getting your ideas onto that TV screen. This documentation will guide you through how Bizplay helps you achieve this.

What You Do Once

There are a couple of things you need to do once:

  1. In your office (or wherever you like to work from):
    • get a computer to create and publish your content with
  2. In the public space:
    • hang up the TV screen for your audience
    • (optionally) connect a little computer to that TV screen to run the web browser (see next bullet)
    • setup a web browser on the computer (or Smart TV directly) to always connect to your Bizplay account
  3. On both ends:
    • connect everything to the internet

What You Do Often

  1. In your office (or wherever you like to work from):
    • log into the Bizplay website, where you create and publish your own content on your personal dashboard
  2. In the public space:
    • Every time the set up web browser connects to your Bizplay account (e.g. in the morning), it will automatically start playing the content you published


So in short, Bizplay will help you:

  1. shape your ideas into presentable TV content
  2. store that content on the internet, ready to be played from anywhere in the world
  3. serve the content to the player that is configured to play it

That was a very high level overview. Now let's dive into the details.