RSS Feed

The RSS Feed app lets you include any standards compliant RSS feed into your page. This is convenient to pull in news from news sources that are not available in the News Article app. But obviously you can pull in all kinds of feed data, like traffic reports, updates from your own website, etc.

RSS feed app

When the app style is set to "single article" then each time the page is shown again during playback, the app advances to the next available article.


You can configure the app using the following properties:

Property Explanation
Web address of RSS Copy the web address (URL) of the RSS feed in here.
Refresh icon (Re)load the feed and display the next article or start running the ticker.
Maximum age of articles The messages on your screen will never be older than what you select here.
Style Sets the way you like your articles to be displayed:
  • As a single message
  • As a ticker
  • As a vertical ticker
Include content Unselect to only see the titles of the messages.
Include image (Only for "Single message" or "Vertical ticker" style) Let's you indicate if you also want to display an embedded image (if present) and if so where: above the text, in the top left of the body text or in the top right of the body text.
Fixed image height (Only for "Single message" or "Vertical ticker" style) If you selected to include an image, this lets you reserve a fixed space for that image to better retain your layout.
Article style (Only for "Single message" or "Vertical ticker" style) Sets the way you like individual articles to be displayed:
  • With a transparent background
  • In a box with rounded corners
  • In a box with straight corners
Background color (Only for "Rounded box" or "Rectangular box" article style) Set the background color of a single article box.
Transparency (Only for "Rounded box" or "Rectangular box" article style) Set the background transparency of a single article box.
Scroll speed (Only for "Ticker" style) Set the desired scroll speed of the ticker.

And finally there are a number of generic app properties that you can configure that you'll find on many other elements as well.

The image size is relative to the app size. Drag the app bigger to get a bigger image. Adjust the text size accordingly to get the mix that you like.