Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is the most well known single board computer (computer that fits in your hand). It is used by makers and hobbyists for their projects but also by companies as the 'brains' in their computerised products. It's low cost (about $35) makes it attractive for educational purposes which is the original goal behind this computer.

Raspberry Pi in a case (sold separately)


  • Very affordable.
  • Relatively small and therefore easy to mount behind any screen.
  • Runs Linux which means you do not need to spend additional money on software.


  • You need to buy an additional case to protect the Raspberry Pi.
  • You need a keyboard and mouse for installing Linux and configuring the device to playback Bizplay (after that the device can be used on its own)
  • Performance is very limited especially in terms of graphics (video and animations will likely not run smoothly).


Unfortunately we can only recommend this device as a player for static content. It is not powerful enough to play video and animations reliably. Our Linux How to describes a few tips specificaly for the Raspberry Pi.