Emergency alert

The Emergency Alert functionality is only available in Pro subscriptions.

In case of emergency, you can quickly get an alert up on your screens. In the settings section, you'll find the Emergency alert option in orange on the right hand side. Select that to configure and activate or deactivate the alert.

Configure The Alert

Property Explanation
Don't show the emergency alert page Select this to turn the emergency alert OFF.
Show the emergency alert page on Select this to turn the emergency alert ON. Then select the desired target:
  • All channels: show the alert on all currently playing channels
  • Selected channels: select the channels that you like the alert to be shown on
  • Selected playback devices: select the playback devices you like the alert to be shown on
Only show when CAP alert is present This will only show the emergency page when it contains a CAP app and the configured CAP feeds contains at least one alert message. During playback, the CAP source is polled every 30 seconds for new messages. This means that on average it will take 15 seconds for a CAP emergency alert to show up on the designated screens.

After saving the configuration the emergency alert will be shown within on the selected screens within 30 seconds.

Set The Alert Content

Click the Edit emergency alert page button to create or update the emergency alert page. You will be taken to the regular page designer where you can create your own emergency alert page.

If your channels use a different aspect ratio than the default 16:9, then be sure to set the correct aspect ratio for this alert page as well.