Google Chromecast

Wouldn't the Chromecast be just the dream signage player: small and cheap? Unfortunately it isn't, because there is just one thing that it can do: stream video (mainly from the internet). It won't allow you to run any web-based content, like a Bizplay channel.

We're mentioning it here, because we get asked a lot if the Chromecast is an option.

But Wait...

Actually, we must not discard the Chromecast entirely. There is one way to play Bizplay content on the Chromecast. But that requires you to actually run the Bizplay channel in a Google Chrome browser on a regular computer and then streaming that browser's content to the Chromecast. But obviously this defies the whole purpose of using a Chromecast, since you now need an extra computer to pull this off.

So in short: the Chromecast is unfortunately not an option.