My Data

The My Data app lets you enter your own text and have that be treated the same way as a news feed or RSS feed. It lets you split your text into individual "messages" that can then be shown like an individual news article or in sequence in the shape of a ticker.

My data

When the app style is set to "single article" then each time the page is shown again during playback, the app advances to the next available message.

Next to entering your text directly in the My Data app, you can also have the app retrieve your text from a text file you placed somewhere on the internet or from Dropbox.


You can configure the app using the following properties:

Property Explanation
Datasource Select where the text should come from:
  • Lines of text: enter the text directly into the text property field
  • External file: enter the web address (URL) of the text file as it is available on the internet
  • Dropbox file: login with your Dropbox account and browse through your folders to select the desired text file
Web address of .txt file (Only for "External file") The web address (URL) of the text file as it is available on the internet.
Dropbox account (Only for "Dropbox file") The Dropbox account you like to pick a file from. Add a Dropbox account by using the + button.
Selected file (Only for "Dropbox file") The name of the file you selected on your Dropbox account.
New message starts Select how the total text should be split:
  • on new line: each new line in your text is treated as a new message
  • on line starting with *: each time a * is encountered the next bit of text is considered a new message
Style Sets the way you like your articles to be displayed:
  • As a single message
  • As a ticker
  • As a vertical ticker
Article style (Only for "Single message" or "Vertical ticker" style) Sets the way you like individual articles to be displayed:
  • With a transparent background
  • In a box with rounded corners
  • In a box with straight corners
Background color (Only for "Rounded box" or "Rectangular box" article style) Set the background color of a single article box.
Transparency (Only for "Rounded box" or "Rectangular box" article style) Set the background transparency of a single article box.
Scroll speed (Only for "Ticker" style) Set the desired scroll speed of the ticker.

And finally there are a number of generic app properties that you can configure that you'll find on many other elements as well.