Display the name(s) of all people whose birthday it is today.


When first adding this app, click on the Birthdays button to open the birthdays editor. This is a table in which you fill out the names and dates of birth of all the people you want to congratulate via your channel.

If you have a two-column spreadsheet with names and dates that you like to paste int the birthdays editor, you can do that by copying that table from your spreadsheet (Ctrl+C (Windows/Linux) or ⌘+C (MacOS)) and pasting it into the birthdays table with shortcut key Ctrl+V (Windows/Linux) or ⌘+V (MacOS). Please make sure that the cells containing the dates have the Date format; select the cells containing the dates, right click on one of them and select Format Cells then select Date in the column on the right.

Upon playback, the app will show the first people whose birthday it is in the configured period. The next time the app is shown, the the second set of people is shown, and so forth. When all birthdays have been shown, the app will start again from the beginning. If it's nobody's birthday today, the app will show "...". We actually recommend enabling the Skip page when this app is empty option to make sure the page with the Birthdays app is not shown at all when there are no current birthdays.


You can configure the app using the following properties:

Property Explanation
Birthdays Manage the list of names of people and their birth dates.
Show birthdays of... Select from which period you want to see birthdays.
Format Choose one of the predefined formats of the birthday entry, or set your own custom format...
Custom format... Use this option to combine your own text with the data of the birthday to be displayed. The following text parts are available for this purpose: {{name}}, {{age}} and {{date}}. For example Congratulations, {{name}}, on birthday {{age}}! will display a text like Congratulations, Rob, on birthday 34! .
Layout Choose whether to show a single name at each page display or multiple names at once (if applicable, of course). Multiple names can be displayed below each other or side by side in columns.
Maximum list length If you have chosen a list view under Layout, this allows you to set the maximum number of birthdays you want to display with each page view.
Repeat page until entire feed is shown If on the day of playback there are more birthdays than can be shown on one page, this option allows you to set the Bizplay page with this app to repeat during playback until all birthdays have been shown before transitioning on to the next page in the playlist.
Skip page when this app is empty When enabled, the page this app is on will be skipped during playback when there is no current birthday to show.

And finally there are a number of generic app properties that you can configure that you'll find on many other elements as well.