Add your own static text to your page.


As soon as you select a text element, you can edit the text within the page itself. You can still drag the element by grabbing on to the edges of the element.

In edit mode, the shortcut keys for copying and pasting work on text only and not on the element itself. To copy the element itself, use the Copy button in the property box. To paste the element, deselect the text element first (e.g. by pressing the Esc key).


You can configure the element using the following properties:

Property Explanation
Overall text size Sets the base text size of the whole element.
Text size variant Allows you to make parts of the text smaller or larger compared to the overall text size.
Style Lets you display your text in bold, italic, underlined, strike through or superscript.
Lists & indentation Lets you create an numbered list or bulleted list. Using the indent and outdent buttons you can create a sub-list or undo this.
Table Lets you add a table inside the text element. Once you do, you'll get extra controls to manage the table:
  1. Remove table
  2. Add row before current
  3. Add row after current
  4. Remove current row
  5. Add column before current
  6. Add column after current
  7. Remove current column
Add some shadow Works like the generic property, but it is worth mentioning that this only works on the entire text and not the currently selected snippet of text.
Line spacing Sets the space between you lines.

And finally there are a number of generic app properties that you can configure that you'll find on many other elements as well.

Some text animations might not work 100% as expected with complex blocks of text. In that case, please choose a different animation type or simplify your text block.