Smart TV

All Smart TVs operate in different ways, so we'll list the general steps to play a Bizplay channel:

  1. In the "apps" section of your Smart TV, look for a web browser.
  2. Open the URL to start playback through a registered player method.
  3. If the channel does not start in full screen mode, look for a "full screen" button or option in the menu. If there isn't any but you can use your remote control to move a mouse cursor around, move the cursor over the web page itself and click it. If all is well, the web page should now be in full screen mode.

Unfortunately not all Smart TVs allow their browser to go into full screen mode. Samsung has had this limitation on many of their Smart TVs. In that case the only option is to connect a separate playback device. A Chromebit is an affordable yet reasonably powerful option.

A drawback of using the web browser app of a Smart TV for channel playback, is that you always have to perform the above steps manually every day using the remote control. You cannot set it to perform these steps automatically like you do with a dedicated playback device.

Automatic Shutdown

Many TVs can be programmed to turn off automatically. This option can often be found in the energy saving settings. If you cannot find it, consult the user manual of your TV.

Android Smart TVs

Some TV brands use Android in their Smart TVs (Philips and Sony, for instance). These TVs usually don't offer the Google Play Store but you can use the download and direct install method to install our Bizplay Android Bizplay app on the TV (if that is supported by the TV model).