Monitoring players

Player monitoring functionality is only available in Pro subscriptions.

If you have multiple screens running on several locations, it can be very convenient to have Bizplay monitor the activity of your players and warn you if one or more are inactive. This all starts out by first defining when you expect certain players to be active. From the dashboard, go to Settings > Activity Monitors and create an activity monitor by specifying:

Property Explanation
Name Give the monitor a meaningful name, e.g. "Players in shops" for a monitor that monitors the activity of players that are active in your shops.
Alert email(s) One or more email address to which monitoring alerts should be sent (separated by commas).
Playback devices being monitored Select the playback devices that need to be monitored by this monitor.
Schedule Add one or more schedule rules, each of which defines a date/time period in which player activity is expected.

Each schedule rule has the following properties:

Property Explanation
From The date form which to check for activity. Leave empty to set it to "from the beginning of time".
through The last day on which to check for activity. Leave empty to set it to "until the end of time".
on weekdays The only weekdays on which to check for activity (those are the green boxes)
between The time of day from which to check for activity.
and The time of day until which to check for activity.


Once an activity monitor has been configured, Bizplay checks every 10 minutes if the players that are expected to be active are indeed active. If they are not, an alert e-mail will be sent to the configured alert email address(es). Alert emails are sent with an interval of 30 minutes.

An alert email also contains a "mute" button or link. This allows you to mute the alerts for either 8 or 24 hours. This can be very convenient for holidays, for example, when the generic schedule of the activity monitor hasn't taken this into account, but players are rightfully inactive.