Creating with Canva

If you're a Canva user, then you can directly publish your Canva designs to Bizplay. Each page in Canva is exported to Bizplay as an image (Canva only supports PNG and JPG). Bizplay automatically creates a page for each individual image.

Match your design's aspect ratio with your Bizplay pages
A page created from your Canva design will get the same aspect ratio as your Canva design. 99% of the time, your screens will have a 16:9 aspect ratio (or 9:16 in case of a portrait orientation). To easily integrate your Canva designs with your existing Bizplay pages, we recommend you match the aspect ratio of your design with the aspect ratios of your other pages in Bizplay.

Publish from Canva

Here's how it works:

  1. Log into Canva and open your design
  2. On the top right click the Share button
  3. In the dropdown menu select the ••• More option
  4. Then search for "Bizplay" and click on the icon
  5. Follow the steps to:
    1. Authorize Canva to access Bizplay (if you haven't before)
    2. Select the page folder that you want each page to be exported to
    3. Select the pages of your Canva design that you like to export

And that's it! Go to your Bizplay dashboard to find the new pages in the folder you selected. From here you can put them in a playlist to quickly start showing them on your TV screen(s).