Smart TV

There are a lot of different types of Smart TVs, no one piece of advice will apply to all models.

For more information about how to use a Smart TV to show Bizplay content, see the platforms section.


  • You don’t need any other devices besides the TV; so it’s a nice and simple setup.
  • Multi-functional: if you do not want to play a Bizplay channel, you can also just watch TV.
  • Relatively cheap, since you just need the TV and no extra playback device.


  • Some manufacturers have a built-in screensaver that cannot be disabled and kicks in after (e.g.) 20 minutes, thereby blocking the view of your content. This seems to be the case with LG as of 2021. Be sure to check this before buying!
  • Most built-in web browsers do not have the ability to play video.
  • Most built-in web browsers are quite slow, making playback of animated content less smooth.
  • Has limited memory, causing it too halt if you display too many photos and/or videos (if videos play at all).
  • With some built-in browsers top and/or bottom tool bars stay visible during playback, which is not really what you want. Samsung TVs tend to have this limitation.
  • Smart TVs require manual starting of the browser every time, which can become quite tedious after a while.

Model Recommendations

In general, the latest Smart TVs tend to perform better than last year's models. So be sure to get the latest models. In general most of our customers have had the best experience with:

  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Sony Smart TVs with Android


We only recommend a Smart TV if you're on a really tight budget and you only need to display a limited number of static pages (e.g. menu boards).