Add a previously uploaded image to your page. Or upload the image first and then select it to use it as image on your page. You can also upload a PDF document, which will be converted to a folder with one image for each page in the document. Read all about how you do this and what image formats are supported in the media section in the explanation of the designer.


Image Catalog Tabs

If you open the image catalog, you'll see a couple of tabs, each representing a different collection of images:

  1. My images: images that have been uploaded to the dashboard that the current page is on.
  2. Company images: images that have been uploaded by company administrators; these are available on all dashboards within your organization.
  3. System images (optional): predefined sets of images, available in some specific setups only. If present, these images are available on all dashboards within your organization.
  4. Unsplash: this tab gives you access to the free stock photos of Unsplash. Use the search feature (in English) to find beautiful photos that you can download for free, by clicking the Use this image button. The photo will be added to your My images tab and to your page.
  5. Pexels: similar to Unsplash, but this gives you access to the Pexels stock photo collection.


You can configure the element using the following properties:

Property Explanation
Select image Opens the image catalog into which you can upload images and PDFs and from which you can pick an image to be shown on your page.
Border size If you like a border around your image, select the desired size.
Border color Pick the border color of your choice. Also see our tips section.
Rounded corners Set the degree to which you like to round the corners of the image. Move the slider to 100 to make the image round.
Style Add a nice little touch to your image with some shadow effects. Try them to see which one you like.
Crop mode These two buttons enable you to crop or uncrop an image:
  • Crop on/off: toggles between resizing the image (default) and cropping the image
  • Uncrop: reverts a cropped image to its full version again

And finally there are a number of generic app properties that you can configure that you'll find on many other elements as well.