With Playback Address

As explained in the Channels section, a channel can be played directly by opening its playback address (URL) in any web browser of your choice. Very easy. Just type in that address in the web browser's address bar and the channel will start playing.

One approach to setting up a Windows computer as a playback device, is to have it automatically start a web browser on startup with the channel address as its URL.

Since the channel address is just an regular web address, you can also share the address with others, e.g. in an e-mail. Or you can embed the channel in a web page, using an iframe element.

Shortcut Keys

During playback there are a few keys you can use to control playback.

Windows or Linux MacOS Explanation
Space Space Pause playback.
N or → N or → Forward to next page.
P or ← P or ← Back to previous page.


There are a few drawbacks to configuring a playback device to always start with a fixed channel address:

  1. If you ever want the playback device to tune in to another channel, you need to reconfigure the playback device manually.
  2. You also have to reconfigure a playback device manually if you should ever (accidentally) delete a channel and create a new one, since a new channel gets a new address.

The best solution is to simply register a playback device and set the channel to be played from the playback device settings page.