Through Registered Player

Instead of using a channel's playback address directly on a playback device, it is recommended to first register a playback device, so you can more easily manage it from your dashboard. To do this, use the web address instead of the channel address. When you do this the first time, you will be shown a registration code.

This is also the default approach when you use one of our playback apps, like the app for ChromeOS or Android.

Player registration

On your normal desktop computer, head over to the Settings > Players page and register your player with this code. You fill in the registration code, give the player a meaningful name and then select the channel you like to be shown on the player.


After you filled out this most important information, you'll be taken to the player details page where you can optionally set a number of other properties:

Property Explanation
Category Assigns the playback device to a specific category to keep them organized. You can also assign a location to a category, which will be automatically adopted by all playback devices under it, unless otherwise set at the playback device level.
Location This is by default the same as the location of the category. This location can be used for apps like the Time, Date and Weather app to display the data for this player's location specifically. Also, the timezone of this location is used by time-dependent apps like the Calendar app.
Page content language This is by default the same as your company's content language setting and controls things like the date and time formats used when playing your channel. Here you can set a different content language for this playback device specifically.
Content read speed This is by default the same as your company's content read speed and controls basis of the scroll speed of texts in apps like the News app, RSS app, Calendar app and in tickers. Here you can set a read speed for this playback device specifically.
Activity monitor If player monitoring is available in your subscription, you can assign the player to a specific activity monitor with this setting.
Restart daily at If you use our ChromeOS app on this playback device or our Android app, you can set a time at which the device should automatically reboot daily.
Auto reboot frozen channel If you use our ChromeOS app on this playback device, the player reboots itself when it is detected that the channel has not been playing on this device for (approximately) 5 minutes. If you use our Android app the app will be restarted when it is detected that the channel has not been playing on this device for (approximately) 5 minutes.
Go to web address (instead of channel) This will make the playback device not play the channel, but go to this web address instead. Common use cases for this are:
  1. to get rid of the cookie warning on a website that you have included in your channel
  2. to log in to and stay logged in to a website that you have included in your channel

Always check if the player time zone is set correctly, since this determines what the exact time on the player is, which determines what content is played when in case you have scheduled playback of your content.

From now on, every time the player goes to it will look up what channel it has been assigned and it will then start playing that channel. So changing the channel on a player is now as easy as going to the player's configuration and selecting a different channel.


If you have a lot of players, you can group them into categories. You can create new categories with a name and description on the player list page.



In the list of players you can see the current status of each player. This can either be "Idle" or "Playing". When it's playing, you can select "Reload" to have the player reload the channel's web address again (similar to reloading a web page in your browser). Playback will start anew within a minute or two.

This has the same effect as restarting a channel. The difference is that reloading a player only affects that specific player, whereas restarting a channel means that all tuned in players will be restarted.

(Automatic) Rebooting

When using our ChromeOS app or our Android app, you will get an extra player control option: "Restart". This allows you to reboot the player entirely in case of ChromeOS or Plug'N Bizplay or restart the app in case of Android.

In addition, you can set the player to automatically reboot itself daily at a specific time.

Player Identification

When you have multiple screens running it can be easy to loose track of what registered players are connected to what screens. That's where the Identify option comes in handy, which is available for playback devices that are currently playing content. If you select that option, the name of the playback device will be shown on the TV screen within 1 minute and will stay up for approximately 5 minutes.