The Asus Chromebit is an HDMI stick that runs Google's ChromeOS. It's the Chromebox's little brother and looks like a big USB flash drive. But instead of a USB connector, it has a HDMI connector that plugs right into your TV's HDMI port. Very convenient.

Asus Chromebit


  • Runs ChromeOS, which is highly optimized to play web content. As such it performs remarkably well, especially considering its price.
  • Relatively small and therefore easy to mount behind any screen.
  • One of the most affordable players on the market.
  • Our Bizplay playback app is available for free in the Google Play Store, making it run fully automatically.


  • Google charges about $38/year per device for you to always start this device automatically in full screen mode. Read about this in our ChromeOS chapter.
  • Has enough memory to display many images, but you should not include too many videos.
  • Won't play all animations fully smoothly.


For average use with an occasional video or two and some animations, the Chromebit comes highly recommended.